Carole Brooks Platt, Ph.D.

Carole regularly attends the Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson, AZ, except 2020, the year of the coronavirus. She has presented her research there, as well as at poetry events and other academic settings.

Her work was originally informed by Julian Jaynes's theory on the hallucinatory origins of poetry and prophecy in the right hemisphere of the brain.

She was an invited speaker at the Julian Jaynes Conference in Charleston, WV, in 2013, and, more recently, at a symposium on "Further Reaches of the Imagination II" at the Esalen Center for Research and Theory in Big Sur, CA, Nov 1-6, 2015. She was also invited to speak at the Poetry by the Sea global conference in Madison, CT, May 2016, but, unfortunately, was unable to attend.

On February 23, 2017, she presented her research at the Jung Center of Houston.

Her book, In Their Right Minds: The Lives and Shared Practices of Poetic Geniuses, brings together all of her literary and neuroscientific research and was an Amazon Hot New Release in Neuropsychology and Poetry / Literary Criticism.

Carole also provides research on hemispheric differences, atypical lateralization, and handedness at:

Carole is currently working on a book on female mystics and mediums, beginning with Joan of Arc, and female poets who felt aligned with Joan. Carole's popular stand alone article on Joan of Arc is available for purchase from her publisher:

Heart and Mind, Light and Love: The Right Intuitive Mind of Joan of Arc

While I am not permitted to make this article available free of charge, it can be accessed from the publisher for a small fee

Instead, I offer you a collection of photos of Joan of Arc statues; the cover of Mark Twain's famous book about her; and the cover art for the famous silent film about her--the film that made Sylvia Plath cry.  I hope you will enjoy them and focus on her strength, not her tragic end.


Don said...

Hi, I just discovered your book, "Their Right Minds.". As a long time admirer of Iain McGilchrist's work, I was amazed to find this inspiring, erudite writing which so beautifully complements Iain's writing. Thank you for making this material available and best of luck on your future work.

Right Mind Matters said...

McGilchrist's tome is indeed a phenomenal work and thanks so much for your interest in my book,Don

Best regards, Carole