After 20 years of research and writing, my book, In Their Right Minds: The Lives and Shared Practices of Poetic Geniuses (2015) Exeter, UK: Imprint Academic, is available from the publisher in a very well-made paperback edition. Initially a #1 Hot New Release in Neuropsychology and Poetry/Literary Criticism on, it can also be acquired on Amazon in most countries, either in print, a Kindle edition, or both. If you are interested in consciousness, creativity, poetry, psychology, and/or the paranormal, I think you will find it an illuminating read. You can read the first chapter for free on Amazon!

Seers and the Foreseen: Breton, Jung and the Real Nadja

These are the principles and the books covered in my new article, "Seers and the Foreseen: Breton, Jung, and the Real Nadja," published online with open access in Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, Volume 18 Number 3, December 2017. You can read the article here:

Wide-eyed André Breton
Dutch author Hester Albach's book in French
The Real Nadja - Léona Delcourt
Léona's "Fern Eyes"- Photo in Nadja

Léona's drawing accenting
her eyes.
Back cover with one of her letters
Carl Jung

The Red Book is too large to scan the whole image! The Reader's Edition, edited and introduced by Sonu Shamdasani, is an invaluable tool for understanding it. There are no images in the Reader's Edition.

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